Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Only 7 Guide Dogs In China…What Did They Do Eat Them

Can you believe that in a country the size of China there are only seven guide dogs for the blind? One lucky owner is a women called Ping Yali who is partially blind and was a torch bearer in the Paralympic's opening ceremony.

The bad news is that Ping was only able to walk her dog named Lucky from July 30 through September 20. And now Ping is unable to register the dog as a guide dog due to not having the right paper work.

There are twelve million people that have visual impairments living in China and they only have twenty more dogs that are being trained as guide dogs. What is wrong with that picture? I forgot that they like to eat dogs in China, so I guess that they would rather eat one then train one of these dogs.

Read the article by Yoa here.

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Let R Voice B Heard said...

If I remember right China just started recognizing Guide Dogs.

But you are right there is way too many people needing a guide dog and they should have more schools and private trainers for that. Then add to this equation other types of people with disabilities in need of other type of service dogs. That's a lot for a country that doesn't recognize service dog teams.