Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dangerous Dogs Are Making Their Marks

We all read about dogs that either bite someone or kill someone. There have been many articles lately about these dogs. Here are just a few that have caught my eye today. So remember that you are the dog’s owner and you might be liable for your dog’s outcome. Also like NC law that just past,you just might want to get some kind of insurance for your pet.

A women named Marjorie Knoller from California was sentenced to fifteen years due to the dog killing her neighbor Diane Whipple back in 2001.
The dog wasn’t really her dog but the true owner was a member of the white supremacist called Aryan Brotherhood prison gang named Paul "Cornfed" Schneider. The dog has caused Diane Whipple to suffered seventy seven wounds that left her with a crushed larynx and a severed jugular vein which caused her to die.

Read the article here.

While over in Warren Township, Ohio a little baby girl who was only three days old has been killed by the family dog. The poor family was family was devastated when they found their daughter.

Read the article here.

I can only say a Prayer for this family.

The Commissioners from Forsyth County, NC have voted that dogs which are deemed dangerous will now have to be covered with a Hundred Thousand Dollar liability insurance to cover any expenses due to an attack. They will also have to have a micro chip implanted.

Read the article by Mary Giuca here.

Before you run out and buy insurance for you pet, you might want to read the Dog Bite Law for some info first.

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