Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dog's For The Cause

Dog Cancer Drugs That might Help Humans

The University College of Veterinary Medicine and Health & Science University Cancer Institute in Oregon thinks that a drug which is used on dogs for cancer might one day help humans.
OSU veterinary oncologist and researcher Stuart Helfand, D.V.M. said; Over the years we have made the case that animals with cancer can be excellent models for human disease - they live in the same environment, their lifespan is long enough for study and their cancers mimic human cancers. Sometimes the line blurs: cat, dog, and people.

Read the article by Christine Decker here.

Dogs Helping The Young

The Mitchell Communications Group & Northwest Arkansas Young Professionals are using the dogs to help the NWAYP Scholarship Fund Trust that is oriented towards promoting business to the younger, professional populations of both Benton and Washington counties.

It looks like it will be a fun day for the dogs.

Dogs & Doc’s On Stage

Over in Pennsylvania they are doing a Canines for the Cure that will have an unconventional fashion show with doctors and pets to help benefit the ACMH Foundation, American Cancer Society and the Karen Szymborski Fund on Sunday the 28th.

Check it out the article by Donna J. Domin here.

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