Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 New Dog Sites To Check Out

Dog Breed Gift Store Launches Affiliate Program for Dog Charities, a leading online dog breed gift store, launches an affiliate program to help shelters, dog organizations, rescue leagues and individuals earn money for their cause.

(PRWEB) September 25, 2008 --, a retailer of embroidered and personalized dog breed items and other dog-related gifts, has launched an affiliate program to help dog organizations earn money for their causes. Organizations and individuals can sign up at the site to become a member of the program. Armed with specially coded banners, these members can then receive a percentage of any sale derived from their web site.

"We've donated quite a bit to help dog organizations' fundraisers over the years and wanted to find a way to give all year long," says Amy Vansant Brunell, owner of "Using our DoodleSport affiliate program, now these organizations can earn money just by adding our banner to their web site."

Ms. Brunell said many organizations were already sending referrals to since the site offers so many items related to over 130 different breeds. In addition, other online stores that specialize in one breed or another were contacting about adding DoodleSport products to their stores. The affiliate system seemed the perfect way to service both charities and other web site owners who wanted to offer more.

"This should be an especially good program for those with hard to find breeds," added Ms. Brunell. "If an organization supports a breed or a common mix not featured on we encourage people to let us know! We can create a custom embroidered logo and add that breed to the site. We're already the only site we're aware of with embroidered Labradoodle and Goldendoodle logos."

Organizations and individuals can navigate and click on the "Affiliate Program" link to sign up. Applications are reviewed and approved by email within 24 hours in most cases. The new affiliate can then log into their new account at, download the graphics and/or code to put on their site and from then on checks for 10% of all sales originating from the affiliate's site will be mailed to the affiliate or dropped in their PayPal account.

"We really hope as many charitable dog organizations as possible take advantage of the program and that their supporters are careful to use the link on those sites so they get credit," said Ms. Brunell. "Nothing makes us happier than supporting those who protect man's best friend." Launches Dog Breeds of the World. Endless Types of Dogs and Breeds, From Herding Dog Breeds to Toy Dog Launches Dog Breeds of the World. Endless Types of Dogs and Breeds, From Herding Dog Breeds to Toy Dog Breeds

Released Thu. Sep 25, 2008 by Animal-World, a well known website recognized for connecting people with pets and animals to help create a rich and rewarding pet care experience, today announced the launch of its newly created Dog Breeds of the World resource available at Dog Breeds of the World includes information for pet owners and animal enthusiasts on a wide array of types of dogs, including Herding Dogs, Hound Dogs, Sporting and Non-Sporting Dogs, Mixed Dog Breeds, Terriers, Toy Dogs and even Working Dogs. Launches Dog Breeds of the World. Endless Types of Dogs and Breeds, From Herding Dog Breeds to Toy Dog Breeds

Ridgecrest, CA (IPRWIRE) Thurs. Sept. 25th, 2008 -- The new Dog Breeds of the World section includes dogs from the following eight categories of breeds: Herding Dogs, Hound Dogs, Sporting Dogs, Non-Sporting Dogs, Mixed Dog Breeds, Terriers, Toy Dogs and Working Dogs.

Within each category of Dog Breeds of the World are many different types of dogs that fall within each specific category of breed. Once a visitor has identified the specific dog breed they are interested in learning about, they will find a photograph of a dog representing that breed as well as an immense amount of information about the breed. Some of the interesting information available on each breed includes common name(s) used for the breed, details of the breed type, interesting background information about the breed, as well as a detailed description of the dog breed including additional information on care and feeding requirements, housing recommendations, social behaviors, handling and training recommendations, common health problems, and much more.

In addition, Animal-World has now posted comments received on individual animals from visitors on each pet page. And, to make it easier to see what others are saying about their pets, they are also posting the pet comments in the forums. Check out the forum for each type of pet and find the category with "All Kinds" (like "Freshwater and Tropical Fish - All Kinds") to read the lastest comments on the page. It makes it a lot easier to answer questions too.

"You guys are the best! You tell me about everything I need to know about having a squirrel. I just got one and no other website could tell me what you did! You guys tell us about even more then just how to take care of your pet... you tell us all about them! And not just house animals... thousands of different animals. Really, you guys are a miracle. Everyone should visit the website, it is the best and it tells you everything you need to know about animals! Thank-you, you were a really great help," said Monika, proud squirrel owner and fan.

"My oldest daughter came home and said, 'Daddy, I found a mouse.' I took notice that she (aka) Cracker was doing small, quick laps in a circle, always in a clockwise motion. I did a Google search and the first link I clicked on was the Animal-World website. It told me two possibilities. My wife came home and was instantly attached to her. I told her what your site said then she called the vet. She took the mouse in and came home with some antibiotics to put in her water. It was an inner ear infection. The family would like to thank you for helping us save a cold scared abandond new pet," said Stephen Kesig, proud mouse owner and satisfied user of

To learn more, visit

Animal-World is about responsible pet ownership as well as preserving and honoring our world, the environment, and its inhabitants. With years of experience in the care and husbandry of many exotic and domestic pets and animals, has evolved as a place to share this information.

For over a decade Animal-World has provided pictures and education about different pets and animals. At Animal-World, visitors find out about the background and development of each exotic pet and how this relates to their keeping a healthy happy pet. Each visitor is invited to be an active participant in this community by sharing their pet experiences on each animal page, contributing pictures of their pets to the site, and joining in pet and animal discussions.

Animal-World provides pictures, information and videos to help people connect with their pets and make their relationship with their pet a wonderful experience. Animal-World offers information on hundreds of different types of animals, from freshwater and salt water fish, reef corals, birds of all sorts, domestic cats and different types of dogs, reptiles, amphibians and even invertebrates.

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