Thursday, September 18, 2008

There Is An Urgent Need To Help Save The Wild Dogs Called Lycaon Pictus

Photo by Anna de'Capitani

A group of wild dogs called Lycaon Pictus (painted or ornate wolf) are being threatened over in Africa that have declined to only three to five thousand left. These dogs are a very social type of dog that won’t attack a human, but will roam in a pack for their pray. These dogs don’t even attack each other they just coexist among each other.

The Males and Female each have their own ranking type system that allows the male or female leader to make the decision for each group. When they hunt for their prey they all share in the meal with each other and they sleep and play together. They are known to have forty two teeth which make a powerful bite and run up to forty five miles an hour. Now that’s fast and to be bitten by one of these dogs would be the end.

These dogs are on the list of endangered species by the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Read the article by Absalom Shigwedha here.

To learn more about these dogs check out African Wild Dog Conservancy

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