Sunday, August 3, 2008

Puppy Needs Your Help To Recover From Beating

A little puppy who was only four months old was beaten by some kids and an adult which had made the poor dog loose an eye and possibly his leg. The kids also fractured his skull too by hitting the little dog with a sledgehammer, beer bottles and a rock.

I hope these kids get the book slammed at them and the judge gives them no mercy. Why in the world would you hurt a little puppy like that?

Read the article here.

The Homeward Bound Humane Society in Anson County is looking for your help to cover the medical bills for the puppy.
Please Help With A Donation


Dogman2 said...

Here is a reply I received from the Homeward Bound Humane Society. Check out the pictures of this poor dog and just maybe if we all write in on behalf of this dog these kids might just pay the time for the crime....

On behalf of Homeward Bound Humane Society and "Justice", the abused and beaten puppy, we sincerely Thank You for your generous donation. You can probably only imagine the expenses and vet bills in caring for an injured animal like this. We are so thankful for kind people like you in the world that will help us, and other organizations like us, in caring for these animals and speaking up for their rights. The ones responsible for this are facing felony animal abuse, breaking and entering charges for going inside of an abandoned home (to beat the puppy) and possibly other charges before it's all over with. The vet was not able to save Justice's right eye. Being so young, we hope this won't affect his outlook on life too bad. Below is the recent email with photos and updates that will continue to be added showing his progress.¤t=Jus...¤t=Jus...

Here is the link to the Photo Bucket. We'll be adding more as he progresses. Send them to everyone you know...maybe write a letter to DA Michael Parker and the Wadesboro Police showing outrage for the act and support for prosecution. We're still working on organizing some sort of campaign.

Anson County District Attorney
P.O. Box 761
Wadesboro, NC 28170

Wadesboro Police DepartmentPolice Chief Vance JohnsonP.O. Box 697Wadesboro, NC 28170

Susan Gruenling said...

This is so heartbreaking! I have always read that children who abuse animals go on to abuse people later in life. If they can put an innocent little puppy through this torture at a young age what will they be like as adults? That is scary!