Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dog News For The Day

A virus that has no vaccination called Canine parvo virus type 2-C has gotten Aurora Kennel owner Arlene Mueller worried. Arlene said: I am very conscious of what is going on as far as disease control and virus control; I cannot and will not expose my clients to anything unnecessarily.
Sharon Curtis Granskog the assistant director of media relations for the American Veterinary Medical Association said; It is a very fast moving virus and very hearty virus that is easily transmitted and has the earmarks of something that needs to be watched very closely.

Read the article by Aldrich M. Tan here.

Over in Caroline, Virginia a veterinarian named Jack Hammett is concerned about how the foxhounds are being treated by the local hunters. Which has caused uproar with the hunters and the new suburban residents that have moved in.

Read the article by Dan Telvock here.

And the most upsetting topic of the day is an article about child neglect and animal neglect. I have posted an article a while back that talks about the two going hand and hand.
I wouldn’t even post the video showing the dogs an my blog due to the graphic that is very upsetting to view. The parents John Caldwell and Felicia Oaks will be being charged from what the deputies found: five dead dogs that had been reduced to fur and bones and a two year old boy with his one year old sister playing in dangerous and filthy conditions.
Well at least one of the poor dogs, a female bulldog survived thought this mess.
Read the article by Carrie Cline here.

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