Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don’t Buy A Dog From This Person

Photo by Brian Medel

How many times have people brought a dog from an ad in a newspaper thinking that they were getting a deal. When I read this article it tells the whole story behind the warning of puppy mill dogs.

A puppy broker named Gail Benoit of Digby County in Nova Scotia would by puppies for around a hundred dollars and resell them for five hundred to six fifty and you thought that you were getting a deal on this new puppy.
Well the dogs that Gail Benoit has been selling lately have been dying within days. You see some of them had a highly contagious illness called Parvovirus that the buyers were unaware of.
So you think that Benoit would take some kind of responsibility, no she said; If the puppies got any parvovirus, I’ll tell you one thing, it didn’t come from here. Those puppies were healthy when I sold them. You guys shouldn’t be harassing me, you should go after the puppy mills because I just buy and sell.

You see it’s the same story with all these puppy mills and the greedy people that will sell you a sick dog just to make some money. Hopefully the next time you go to buy a dog it’s from a AKA kennel or from a shelter.

Read the article by Mary Ellen MacIntyre here.

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