Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Because My Dog Isn’t A Registered Disability Dog You Barred Me From School

Photo by Kelly Burns

Over in New Zealand the Massey University has barred a woman named Melanie Donne and her dog from the Palmerston North Campus for the next two years.

Melanie Donne said that she needs her dog Rica to help pre-empt her disabling panic attacks due to a brain injury that she had.

What kind of school would even think of doing something like this to someone who has had a brain injury. I know when my two kids had multiple brain surgeries the schools were there to help. They went so far out of their way to help in any way they could.

Read the article by Kelly Burns here.

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Anonymous said...

Here in New Zealand the only dogs that can go into public places are Disability Assist Dogs - and unfortunately for Ms. Donne Rica is nothing but a much loved pet. The University campus is completely in the right here, and despite the fact that she was warned to keep Rica off the campus Melanie went on to campus, and she took someone with her who had a video camera to "catch" the staff harassing her. This is not a case of the university being cruel and unjust, if they let Rica on the campus then they are infact breaking the law, so Ms. Donne is very lucky that they are even considering having Rica on campus if she can prove that she has a disabling medical condition. While it is great that people are supportive of people with brain injuries (who do need our support to lead normal lives) - it is unfortunate that Ms. Donne is taking advantage of people's good will and support by being deliberately confrontational and trying to ruin the reputation of Massey University. If you read the comments postd by people reading some of the online articles you get a much better idea of what the truth actually is - and unfortunately Ms. Donne is too good at playing the victim. Give Massey University a break - they are following the law and doing the right thing. Ms. Donne now needs to do the same thing and find a legal way to get Rica certified as a Disability Assist Dog.