Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mans Best Friend Still Gets Around

Photo by Mollie J Hoppes

When I read this article it was heart breaking, yet I felt the pain and love that Bernard Christelle had for his dachshund Jasper.
You see that Jasper had broke one of his vertebrae and separated his spine a doctor told Bernard about a doggie wheelchair.
Bernard said: They told me that Jasper was still healthy but just couldn't use his back legs, so I thought why not just give it a try, and it works perfect.

The most touching part of this is when Bernard said: Jasper has been of great companionship to me and helped get me through hard times with my wife ( Who had died two years ago) , and I appreciate that so much.

As I said in the beginning that a bond between a dog and their owner goes strong. They will be your companion for life.

Read the article by Mitchell Vantrease here.

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