Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Dog Mating Site / What The ????????

Ok when I first read about this I was a little taken back. After viewing the site I thought that it was a pretty good site for dog lovers who would like to find the right dog for breeding…

Here is the sites press release

DogMateOnline provides a platform for dog owners who are looking to find a mate for their dog. The service is totally free. Dog owners can submit their requirement through the website. They can also send in their dog's photograph to be uploaded to the site. Interested owners looking for a mate can browse the listings to find a suitable male or female. All breeds/gender/age/location welcome. The site is updated daily.

While it is less than one month old, the website already has over 50 listings from India, USA and UK.

DogMateOnline also has useful articles on dog training for novice and experienced dog owners, puppy crate training, how to take care of grooming, dog health and diet, doggy treat recipes, how to keep kids and family safe around the pet, how to ensure optimum interaction between kids and dogs and advice on how to ensure safe dog travel be it by road or by air.

The website also includes dog and pet related links and expert dog advice from PetPeoplesPlace.com.
Dog owners can also subscribe to free weekly related newsletter of their choice on training, health, diet, grooming, travel and family safety around pets.
DogMateOnline does not advocate irresponsible breeding. All breeds/gender/age/location welcome.

For more information, visit http://www.dogmateonline.com/.

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