Friday, August 22, 2008

Ok Who Dump The 90 Dogs In Oklahoma

That’s what state officials and animal rights group the Humane Society of the United States are wondering. Why would anybody just dump some ninety dogs and not even think about it.

President of the Central Oklahoma Humane Society Christy Counts said; He believes a puppy mill owner dumped the dogs off because he or she could not make enough profit. A puppy mill is an organization that breeds dogs and then sells them. Conditions in the puppy mills are not regulated, and that creates an environment where animal abuse is common.

The problem is that most states have no laws to help protect these poor dogs that are unable to defend them self’s. You would think that all that has gone on over the years and what we have been reading these past few months about puppy mills either just abandoned these animals or they are taking them out back and shooting them because they are not making money or they are too old. What a shame to read this again, where are, are congress men and women when you need them, don’t they own pets too.

Read the article by John David Sutter here.

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