Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Was She Really Trying To Save The 100 So Called Rescued Dogs In Her Home

You have to wonder were the dogs really being rescued or was this so called rescue out of hand for this home owner.

The home owner named Mary Stickney was running what was called Stickney's Toy Breed and Retirement out of her home in Gage County in Nebraska that was raided by the police and the local dog rescue shelter when they found around one hundred dogs inside her home.

I would like to know home you put one hundred dogs in a home and call it a safe place for the dogs.

The Gage County Chief Deputy Attorney Rick Schreiner said: The ammonia levels were high so you could hardly breath, there was fecal matter on the floor. You had 100 dogs in one home. It doesn't look like a situation where they are out to harm anything, it's difficult for her, she thought she was doing the best, but she was obviously wrong.

You really have to wonder the actions of Mary Stickney who seem to take on too many dogs that questioned the health of these dogs. After reading some of the comments there are a lot of upset people out there and I have to agree with them.

Again it all goes back to the puppy mills and those who but a pet dog and then dump them off when it becomes inconvenient to them to have their dog. It just so sad that we read all the time about the abuse these dogs go though when it all started out with the love for their dog. Am I missing something here or have the owners that abandon their pets become heartless?

Read the article by David Jespersen here.

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