Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dog Beating And Dog Rescue’s

Photo by WGHP-TV

Can you imagine someone hitting your dog with a pipe, well an animal abuser named Jeremy Scott Hawkins from Greensboro, NC did that to a woman’s German Shepherd.

Hawkins has been charged with felony animal cruelty for what he did to this dog. I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Read the article here.

The Troy, NY police are looking for the owners of nine pit bulls that were found in the basement of an apartment building that was on fire.

Troy Police Cpt. John Cooney said: Detectives are trying to locate the tenant of the basement apartment at 2275 Fifth Ave., where they found the caged pit bulls with injuries consistent with fighting, as well as neck weights and a spiked collar.

I hope they find this animal abuser and hit him with the book.

Read the article by Dave Canfield here.

With two different raids taken place in Berrien and Cook counties in Georgia the authorities were able to rescue one hundred and ten pit bulls that were used for fighting.

I would say that, that was a great day for all of those involved in rescuing these dogs.

Read the article by Gary Franklin here.

Over in Pope County, AR a animal shelter had to have one hundred and twenty dogs removed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Best Friends Animal Society. Apparently the shelter that was run by volunteer’s had become overcrowded and the place was unsanitary.

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Thirty four pit bulls that were up for adoption down in Texas had to be put down because no one would adopt these dog that were given up by Kevin Muckleroy following the death of a child by a pit bull.

I would first like to know why this guy had so many pit bulls to begin with, because now these poor dogs have lost their life.

Read the article by Jimmy Alford here.

Photo by WLS-TV

Remember the dog abuser named Phillip Rinn from Illinois who made headlines for dragging his dog then running the poor dog over. Well this dog abuser is at it again and this time he beat his dog so bad that he broke the dog’s teeth.

These are one of those lowlifes who should not only never own a pet, he should be barred from even going near one.

Read the article here.

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