Monday, November 29, 2010

Missing, Stolen, Ransomed and Reunited Dogs

Two Dog nappers named Rickey Butler and Andrew Cole from California tried to extort five hundred dollars for a dog owner from Van Nuys for his missing dog Pongo.

Well now these two lowlifes are being charged with felony count of attempted extortion instead of being honest and returning the lost dog to its owner.

Read the article by Veronica Rocha here.

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The San Luis Animal Welfare group is looking for your help in finding these little ten week old Husky- Pit bull that was taken during a pet adoption at the North Academy Petsmart in Colorado Springs.

Yes this little dog is so beautiful, but to just steal the dog is wrong and I hope they find the person that did this.

The Colorado Springs Police Department and the San Luis Animal Welfare ask if you see this dog please call 719-587-WOOF.

Read the article by Elaine Sheridan here.

A little eight week old Jack Russell–Pug that was stolen from a pet store in Delran, PA by two women that fled away in a van must have gotten a conscience because they had someone bring the puppy into the local Police.

I wonder why they just didn’t go to the local animal shelter and rescue a dog there first. Hopefully this little pooch is fine from the ordeal of the dog napping.

Read the article by George Mast here.

I had to add this article in here after all these dog napping.
The Golden Retriever-Collie Darry that went missing in Colorado a week or so ago after the owner got in an accident and was unable to find her.

After news spread in the local area people from all over were out looking for Monica Shields dog and finally one of the locals named Zach Kramer said the dog just jumped in his truck.

I love reading an article like this with a happy ending.

Read the article here.

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