Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Great Funds Help Save Cancerous Dog In Texas

Luckily for a dog owner named Walter Huzarevich from Fort Worth, TX his dog Chloe will be getting some real help from two fund sponsors called Canine Cancer Awareness and The Magic Bullet Fund to help save his dog who has cancer.

Walter Huzarevich said: We got her when she was a baby. One look at that face, and we couldn’t give her up. To replace someone you love and she is family, totally and unconditional love given by her that is just something I couldn’t live with.

Without these types of groups that help support the dog owners needs we wouldn’t be reading stories like this that offers hope for ones love for their dog. Hopefully old Chloe will be around for a while longer to enjoy life with his owner.

Read the article by Arezow Doost here.

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