Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Pit-Bulls Aren’t For Fighting


That was the words from Demetri Franklin from S. St. Louis who had his five pit-bulls taken from him when the police raided his house.

So after watching the video you really have to wonder and when you look into the dogs eyes you can see the sadness in these dogs. So why would all that dog fighting stuff be laying around in that garage.

So are the authorities going to charge Demetri or not is the question. Hopefully the vets will be looking over the five dogs to see how healthy they are.

Read the article by Michelle Anselmo here.

What Happens When You Have 23 Dogs Living Across The Street From A School

Well the El Paso police and the local Animal Services thought that it would be safer to take the twenty three dogs away from Armando Lopez.

The police first arrived at Armando Lopez home as a report came in that two pit-bulls were fighting and when they arrived at the home they found that the dogs had no water and they were in an unsecure area that could possible cause a concern with the school being across the street.

Armando Lopez was also charged with twenty three violations for various city ordinances.

Read the article by Veronique Masterson here.

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