Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Dying Woman’s Only Wish Is To Find Her Missing Dog

The love of one’s dog goes well beyond anything one can explain, especially for a woman named Jenise Duff who now lives in Montana and is dying from lung disease with less than a year to live who only wants her missing pinscher back.

As Jenise was moving from Colorado she was in an accident in Cascade, Colorado and that’s when her dog Sammie got loose and ran away. So now the dog is still missing somewhere along Hwy 24 and has not been seen for the last three weeks.

This is so sad to read about the journey that Jenise Duff and her dog Sammie have gone through to only loose each other during these last few months that she has left. Hopefully someone in Colorado will find her dog and allow her wish to come true.

Jenise Duff has posted her phone number if anyone finds her missing dog @ 970-388-2167

Read the article by Cris Ornelas here.


Anonymous said...

Just so whoever posted this is aware, she is a drug addict that needs serious help. I am her daughter that she threw me out while I was pregnant with my son and had my 2 year old daughter. I found drugs all over the house, a gun under her bed, and had to call the Greeley hospital on her 3 times because she overdosed on sleeping pills and alcohol. So all you that helped her "run away" instead of getter her help are ridiculous. how else can you explain her wrecking her truck three times and totaling it on her own??? That was my grandpa's truck. not to mention that she never should have took my dad's dog anyway. she should have left sampson with my dad where he would have been safe.

Anonymous said...

and just so everyone is aware also, she is still alive and it's been over a year. She went to jail after she got in the wreck and was charged for morphine that wasn't hers. what does that tell you? And the fact that when she was a mom, she was 165 pounds and went to 125 in less than two months. Oh, and when my grandpa passed away, * I love you grandpa* she got a check that was enough for a brand new car and it was gone in less than a month without bills or rent paid.

Macie said...

First of all, you are a spiteful girl, you need to get over yourself. Second, you need to keep my dad's name out of your mouth. I wish he were alive to see the person you have turned into. I have seen the doctors reports and spoken to her doctor...she is telling the truth about what happened. Go on with your miserable life and leave my sister alone. And the fact that you did this as an anonymous person...shows me that you need to grow up. I am proud to put my name on here.

Michaela Holbeck said...

My grandpa would have died again to see you two the way you are today. And he would be pissed off that she wrecked his truck. and my name is Michaela Holbeck-Howard! I am Jenise Duff's daughter and for you, Jerry, to say that what she did to me and mine was ok is wrong. You both just need to quit seeking publicity for yourselves. You are pathetic. And it has been over a year since she was "told"she was dying.... so is she dead yet? NO!