Monday, November 1, 2010

How Do You Leave 52 Animals And Just Pack Up And Go

How could anyone do this to the poor animals they were just left with no food or water? Luckily a realtor happened to go to a foreclosed house in Odessa, Kansas and found the poor animals.

The Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue had rescued nine dogs, forty one cats along with two horses. Why would you do this when there is so much help out there?

The president of Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Gina Duggan said: They just packed up and left, abandoned the property and left the animals. I'm real frustrated. It's easy to get frustrated in this business.

I don’t blame Gina for being frustrated by whoever did this cruel act to these animals. I only hope that they find the lowlifes and put them in jail for their actions.

Read the article here.


Student Accomodation said...

hey its really frustrating activity..
this is a question on a humanitarian values that we possess..
i am really upset with this..
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JackPDB said...

Pets are too often silent victims of hard economic times -- neglected, even abandoned as families are forced to cut back or relocate. It's an extra shame because the love and emotional support of a pet are actually beneficial to people in stressful situations; everybody ends up suffering more.

Sure, there's help out there; but if you're facing foreclosure already, you may be (a) too preoccupied with your own problems to think about the welfare of the animals, and (b) reluctant to involve any outside party; there's a lot of shame and anger that comes with foreclosure, and reaching out to any sort of authority figure can seem like too much to bear.

Not to excuse anyone's actions, of course; but the humans who don these things are often victims themselves, in one way or another -- of economic disaster, or mental illness, or both. I'm not sure that saying "lock 'em up" actually gets to the heart of the problem.
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