Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where Do Pet Owners Go To Find Out About Pet Health Information

petMD.com is Now the #1 Destination for Pet Health Information
With over 769,000 unique visits from pet owners in the month of July - up 100% in the last 90 days - petMD.com has become the leading pet health information portal in the U.S.

petMD.com, the leading online resource for pet health information, has experienced a 100% increase in traffic in the last 90 days, growing from 385,000 unique visitors in April to more than 769,000 unique visitors in July (1). Monthly page views have also increased 240% from just over 1 million to more than 3.6 million in the same time period (2). The increases in traffic and site engagement coincide with the recent launch of pet parent resources such as the "Puppy Center," "Living Green With Cats" and the "Pet Insurance Center."

"U.S. traffic to petMD has surpassed that of every other online resource dedicated to pet health information," said Nicolas Chereque, founder of petMD. "Pet parents have been incredibly responsive to our new content centers, blogs, and our ever expanding library of pet health and wellness articles. We're set to see continued growth in the coming months as we add more exciting features to the site!"

petMD.com was recently redesigned to provide a more intuitive way for readers to search petMD's 5,000+ veterinarian written or approved pet health articles. Consumers are now spending more time on the site, visiting more pages and coming back more frequently to access the information they need. By partnering with veterinarians to offer pet care information beyond the vet office, petMD is an extremely valuable resource to pet owners.

"Our pet health library is the most comprehensive collection of consumer oriented pet health content on the web," said Chereque. "Whether investigating what to do about hot spots on dogs or trying to determine if pet insurance is right for you, dog and cat owners can depend on us to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information about pet symptoms and pet diseases."

Pet owners are one of the most sought after U.S. audiences for advertisers based on their recession-proof spending habits and the anticipated $50 billion they will spend on their pets this year (3). According to "Pet Market Outlook 2011-2012" from market research publisher Packaged Facts, the veterinary services category will experience a 9% compound annual growth rate for 2011-2015 compared to 6.3% for the overall pet market (4). As the population of senior pets continues to increase and advancements to technologies and medications are made, veterinary services will continue to drive the growth of the pet industry.

About petMD

petMD is the largest global source of pet health information in the world today. As part of a global network of veterinary professionals, petMD offers 5,000+ veterinarian written or approved pet health articles. All petMD content is created to provide pet owners access to valuable information beyond the vet office.

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