Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animal Hoarder Arrested In Cleveland, NC, Michael Vicks Ex Business Partner Gets Raided

What appears is the neighbors of an animal hoarder named Carolyn Grayson Owens had finally had enough when they report the smell and the noise that was coming from Carolyn home on which see had around eighty five dogs and cats living in her home.

. I only wonder why it took so long for anyone to finally make the call to report her. Now the Cleveland County Animal Shelter in NC will have to make the hard chose on which animals will have to be put down. This is just so sad because this animal abuser who has been charged with animal cruelty for what she did to these animals only wanted to have a real place to call home.

A neighbor named Angela Seal said: The dogs were barking so loud, my kids were trying to sleep. And another neighbor named Geneva Gimsonl said: At night when it's really hot, you have to hold your nose and your mouth just to walk past the road. It will make you sick to your stomach.

So why didn’t the two of you report this animal abuser to the authorities sooner.

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Michael Vicks Ex Business Partner Dog Business Gets Raided

A dog breeding business that is owned by ART Washington called Henry County dog boarding and breeding is facing charges for running a deplorable business that even had a dead dog that was found during the raid.

So let’s see what the prosecutor is going to charged this animal abuser with for running a dog business from hell.

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