Wednesday, August 10, 2011

130 Pets Were Rescued From A Home In Ohio

Just reading the article about one of the neighbors who said that he hasn’t even opened his windows for the last two years is enough to know that the home owner named Mark Madsen who operated an animal rescue called Circle of Love was way out of hand.

Now the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has rescued forty five dogs and eighty five cats from the so called rescue which was ran out of Mark Madsen’s home.

One neighbor named Jim Berkshire said: I believe the people had a general interest in taking care of the animals, but they just had too many animals. It wasn't fair to the animals and it wasn't fair to the neighbors living around them.

I have to agree with Jim on his comment, but how did it even get to be like this. Well with all these puppy mills pumping out these dogs just so that they can make a buck or two and then you have the dog owners who just dump their poor dog when it becomes an easier way out for them to dump their pets off.

Over and over again : why did you buy or adopt your pet in the first place. The worst of them all are the ones who abandon their dogs in their homes when they move and the one who physically abuse their pets. I'm not even going to say what I think about puppy mills. These are the worst of them all. The owner of Circle of Love Mark Madsen was probably like most animal lovers who started out by hopping that he could help change the life of these pets but after a while he became over consumed with all these pets it became unjust.

Read the article here.

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