Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dogs Abandonment, Trojan Dog Androids And The So Called Cat Sanctuary

It’s so sad when you read about someone just abandoning their dog when they move out, so when I read out an animal abuser named Treysa R. Sylvester who had left her three dogs with no food or water it makes me upset.

The question goes over and over why would anyone do something like this that caused two of the dogs to die while trapped in their cages and miraculously one of the dogs survived. Now Treysa R. Sylvester has been charged with three counts of abandonment and two counts of animal cruelty.

Read the article here.

Then you have PETA who is striking back at those who have downloaded Dog Wars Android app to their cell phones. There is a Trojan that is in their version that will embarrass anyone who has used this app. Because it will send out to all of your contacts on your cell phone a message saying: I take pleasure in hurting small animals, just thought you should know that. And you will start receiving text messages from PETA.

Either way game or no game animal abuse is just wrong.

Read the article by Tony Bradley here.

Then you have the update on the so called Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary in High Springs, Fl which was anything of a place to be called a Sanctuary. The state Prosecutors has up the charges against the owners Pennie and Steve Lefkowitz when they had six hundred and ninety seven cats removed from their place to forty seven counts of third degree felonies.

The real sad part is that these cats were suffering from diseases and parasites and over sixty cats had to be killed.

Read the article by Cindy Swirko here.


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