Friday, August 5, 2011

Are You Really Getting What’s Suppose To Be In Your Can Of Dog Food

After reading this article I had to post this.

The FDA have been questioning the contents in the dog food that is being sold by a company called Evangers Dog & Cat Food Co. Inc. when they came across some of the cans of dog food stating that there was Lamb meat in the can or the one stating it had duck meat in it, when the FDA found that there wasn’t any lamb meat but bovine material in it instead and no duck in the duck labeled can.

The owners of Evangers Dog & Cat Food Co. Inc. Joel and Holly Sher put out a statement on their web page saying that there was duck/ goose in one of their products being questioned. But they haven’t replied to the cans with lamb.

So after reading this and all the dog food recalls, I’m glad I home cook my dogs meals myself. This might have been just an over look or not but I’m not the one to decide.

Read the article by Pat Krochmal here.

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