Friday, February 19, 2010

Sometimes A Dog Is The One Who Brings Comfort

Photo by David Wallace/ The Arizona Republic

A little five year old girl named Ally Patterson has been living life at its hardest due to having stage four, neuroblastoma a cancer that young kids get. Ally now has a new friend Boots by her side that is there to help comfort the little girl though these days of the unknown.

Ally’s Mom Jennifer Patterson said: She'd wanted a dog for a while, but she was in the hospital so much that we didn't want to get a dog and not be home to take care of it. He fits perfectly into our family . . . I don't know what kind of life he had, but I know what kind of life he has now.

Now Boots who is a Chihuahua and miniature pinscher mix isn’t just any kind of dog, he was rescued from the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

Shannon Blizzard the AAWL Director of Operations said: I just happened to have the perfect dog sitting on my lap that day that was the perfect match, he just needed somebody to hold him.

As heart breaking as this story is I have been going though the same thing as Ally’s mom has, watching your child die and all’s you can do is Pray. This story has a lot a meaning to me as we see just how a little dog can comfort a child to help relieve some of their pain.

Read the touching article by Allie Seligman here.

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