Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dog Thieves Finally Get Caught

Maryland Dog Snatcher Gets Arrested

The police have arrested Najie Walker from Silver Spring, Maryland for kidnapping two dogs that he tried to sell back to the owner. The bas side of the story is that one of the dogs named Scooby had died when he tried to escape and was hit by a car.

Read the article by Jay Mishkin here.

It Took Over A Year But These Dog Thieves Finally Got Caught

Two guys named Jason Leroy Miller and Michael R McFarland from Mechanicsburg, PA have finally been caught for stealing two French bulldogs, Boston terrier, Yorkshire terrier and a Shih Tzu along with other pets from the Petz Unlimited store in Silver Springs back in February two thousand nine .

Jason Leroy Miller and Michael R McFarland have been charged with theft, trespassing, burglary and mischief for what they did. I will say that the police work has done their job in finally finding these dog thieves.

Read the article here.

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