Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Development In Iams Pet Nutrition, PreBiotic

Because you Never Know Where Your dog Will put his Nose

Your dog is naturally inquisitive - at home, in the park and on the street - scenting, scratching and tasting the world around him every day. His love of exploration puts him in contact with other dogs, animals, soil, litter, and lamp posts! It is the role of his immune system to tackle all these happy experiences.

Now a new development in Iams pet nutrition, PreBiotics, can help support your dog's inner strength. The really good news is that all IAMS dry diets now contain these PreBiotics.

PreBiotics that increase the good bacteria and reduce bad bacteria in the gut can help keep him healthy and support his natural defences. This is exactly the same reason as why we as owners include foods such as yoghurts, which contain good bacteria, in our diets.

Maintaining your dog's inner health is obviously important for his daily happiness and long-term wellbeing. Being able to help do so as part of his regular diet gives you the reassurance that while feeding him a tasty food that satisfies his appetite and nutritional needs, you're also helping support his inner protection each and every day.

Remember, at every stage of your dog's life he will benefit from having a healthy digestive system. When he was a little puppy, his mother's milk provided him with all the nutrition and protection he needed, but as he moved onto solids he had to get this through his diet. Choosing a highly nutritious diet like Iams will help support his developing immune system and long-term wellbeing.

For adult dogs, frequenting familiar home turf and exploring further afield, his adventures demand good gut bacteria and a strong immune system. And did you know that 65% of a dog's immune system is found in his digestive tract?

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can help him. He might have slowed down a bit with age but still has the same sense of adventure. Just like us as we mature his immune system may also decline. Iams with PreBiotics is a 100% complete and balanced diet that supports his inner strength and helps him continue to enjoy an active lifestyle well into his golden years.

Whatever the age of your dog, Iams with PreBiotics helps support his strong defences. So make your dog an IAMS dog today.

Healthy inside, Healthy outside.

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