Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not A Good Day For The Dogs

A woman who went to buy a dog from a Craigslist ad in Spring Hill, Tenn. had seen enough in the seller’s home to call the local animal control who rescued the animals from unsanitary conditions.
The woman who was running a puppy mill from home was charged with operating a business without a license and a few other charges.

There is no excuse when you take a three month old dog and throw it against a wall that resulted in killing the little dog. The Center Township police in Indiana have arrested a lowlife named Benjamin Rodriguez on animal cruelty for killing little Juno when he got mad because the dog pee on the floor.

This kid can make all the excuses he wants, but to me he is a lowlife. It was just a little puppy and yes they pee on the floor. Let’s see what the judge dose to his butt.

You would think that walking your dog would be fun, but not for Krystle Morrow and her dog Koby from Canada. They had a day to remember when the both of them had gotten caught in a trappers trap. The worst part of it was that Krystle had to carry her dog Koby and herself back to her home in extreme pain and wait for someone to show up before they got help.

Just think about it Krystel had a trap wrapped around her hand and the dog had one on his paw. Now that had to hurt and to have no one around to help you made things even harder.

Down in New Zealand a Judge let a guy off easy for feeding little kittens to his pit bull. Seven months in jail is a little lite to me for what he did to these kittens.

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