Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Many More Dogs Are Going To Be Abused

A Westmoreland County, PA dog owner has left another dog to starve to death again in his trailer. This is the thirteenth dog that had to be rescued from this guy and you would think that he would have been charged a long time ago. Thanks to the Humane Society for rescuing the poor dog.

Read the article & see the video here.

A Mom And Son from Cortland, NY are being charged with animal cruelty for not feeding and providing shelter for their three dogs that were left out in the cold.

How could anybody just leave their dogs out in the cold when it’s been around 20 degrees out and not even feed them.

Read the article by Robert A Baker here.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department raided a puppy mill that sold unhealthy dogs online in St. Anne, Ill. . There were a total of fifty two dogs that were rescued from different sheds outside in the cold. And the owner will be being charged with felony cruelty charges when they find her.

Read the article here.

When will people stop buying dogs online and though the newspapers. There are many legit breeders out there and the animal shelters could really use your help on adopting a dog though them. Remember that there are many fine dogs of all different kinds of breeds just sitting in an animal shelter just waiting to find a loving home…… So spread the Love and Adopt ……

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