Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Dog Fighting Ring Bust, This Time In Laurens County, Georgia

The Laurens County Sheriffs have busted a dog fighting ring today at Monty Lloyd at 627 Robert Webb Road, East Dublin where they found ninety eight dogs. One of the dogs was missing a leg while another had lost an eye.

How cruel can you get to allow this to happen to a dog. I hope that the Laurens County prosecutor charge these people with so many charges that they rot in jail.

Thanks to the Norred & Associates for telling the Sheriff’s department about these people.

The Dublin-Laurens County Humane Society director Irene Sumner said: There was a skull that was found, and a dead puppy in a food sack. And another puppy, we don't know what is going on with it at this point; it was found in another building and was half-dead.

Read the article by Bernard O’Donnell, Karen Buckindail and Vanessa Ruffes here.

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