Tuesday, October 20, 2009

UK To Ban The Use Of Electric Shock Collars On Dogs

You read that right the UK is going to ban the use of electric shock collars on dogs though out the country, after more than half of the responses were against the collars.

The Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones said: last year that she planned to ban the use of such collars, mats and leads because of concerns that pets were suffering. The range of people and organizations responding included dog trainers, vets, and manufacturers of the devices and members of the public. These difficulties included the length of time for which a collar was used and whether the collar had been fitted and used in accordance with the provisions.

Read the article here.

After researching a little on the subject I found and article by Dr. Karen Overall that dated back in 2005 that said: There is no longer a reason for people to remain misinformed. Let me make my opinion perfectly clear: Shock is not training - in the vast majority of cases it meets the criteria for abuse.

Over at the Learning Dog the article said: According to neurologist and animal welfare advocate, Jean Zuniga, MD, PhD, these collars can actually cause permanent damage in the dog.

Over at The Companion Animal Behavior Therapy Study Group their article said: The use of pain and fear as a method of training or controlling an animal has been shown to have the potential to induce aggression and to cause long term behavioral problems.

You can read an article @ Green Acres Kennel Shop that goes into some detail about problems with the shock collars and the aggressions that come about from using the collar.

So what’s your option on the use of the shock collars?

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