Sunday, October 18, 2009

Australia’s RSPCA Calling To Ban All Pit-Bulls

Australia doesn’t like the American pit-bull dog and even though there are stick laws on owning the dog they want them all gone. Dr. Hugh Wirth who is the RSPCA’s Victorian president is calling the dogs a menace and says that they are not suitable as a pet.

I can see it now, what all the dog lovers are going to say after reading this comment by Dr. Wirth. He even called the pit-bulls time boom waiting for the right circumstances after another attack by a pit-bull.

I can only guess they don’t know how to raise a pit-bull down in Australia.

Read the article here.


Anonymous said...

Hugh Wirth needs to find a new day job. The national president of the RSPCA, does not support his comments.

kellybrook said...
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