Thursday, October 22, 2009

SPCA Raid An Unlicensed Pet Shop In N. Philadelphia

Photo by WPVI

The SPCA has raided a pet shop called Brickyard Pet Supply in North Philadelphia today that was unlicensed and recovered over two dozen dogs.

The Director of Law Enforcement for the SPCA George Bengal said: they purchased a dog from that location earlier Thursday that was very sick, that purchase lead to a search warrant and the evening raid.

Another score to put a stop to the illegal puppy mills. I hope when they find out who owns this store they will fine them heavy for what they did to those poor dogs.

Read the article here.


Anonymous said...

Im glad this happened. My story Aired on Fox News last week.My puppy Belle was brought from this Place

Dogman2 said...

Hi Frank, Thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry to hear about your dog Belle. I hope there is some way to get restitution from this lowlife who sold you the puppy. And Thanks for the link to your article for others to see.