Monday, November 17, 2008

Well Just Maybe The Words Getting Out About Pet Adoption

Just maybe with enough of us spreading the word about pet adoption our buddies will all have a place to call home.

Down in St. Johns County Animal Control in Florida, they are saying that they are having a boom in the adoption rate with a record of one hundred and forty one animals adopted last month. While over at the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania they had forty six animals adopted.

If all the adoptions centers could pull that many adoptions like what we see here ,then just maybe all the pets will have a home. Now that would be some great news and just think maybe all the people that work so hard in these shelters can catch up on a breather… They do have a life too you know, so keep the word going and help push the word PET ADOPTION

And remember that some shelters haven't been doing too well, like the shelters for Greyhounds.

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