Monday, November 10, 2008

Huntsville, Alabama Gets Tough On Dog Owners

Animal Service director Dr. Karen Sheppard said; We have been discussing it for about three years with our staff, officers and supervisors. We decided we wanted to raise the minimum standard of care for dogs in the community. Huntsville has a good animal cruelty law, but we felt it wasn't enough and this will make our minimal standards very specific. Now that the Huntsville City Council has voted unanimously to pass a new updated law for our pets.

So some of the new laws now requires owners to provide their pets with a secure water bowl or container that can't be tipped over and now you must feed them with the appropriate food to maintain the dog's ideal weight. Not some cheap food that doesn’t provide good nutrition.
You must have a large enough shelter for a dog to get inside and turn around with a floor, doorway, four sides, a roof and be clean and dry, along with a whole lot more.

It was nice to read about this law, I just wish more towns would vote for these type of laws. Just maybe our buddies would get treated better.

Finish reading about all the laws that were past by Yvonne Betowt here.

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