Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dickinson Police Department Shock’s Animal Shelters By Euthanasia Pets On Their Own

The Town of Dickinson’s Police Department have now become in charge of animal shelters. When I read this article it really disturbed me to think that a Police department can just go into an animal shelter and kill these dogs and cats with no regards to the employees that run these shelters.

The president of Oreo’s Animal Rescue Tara Couch said; We are shocked and dismayed by what happened.
The Vice President of Pet Project Sharon Dorval said; Our group was actually devastated and in shock when we heard the news. Words can’t even describe it, that this could happen.
The Director of Oreo’s Animal Rescue Shelly Quandt said; Some of them could have been saved.

The acting chief of police Stuart Stenberg said; We have room for seven dogs and comfortably about six or eight cats.
I wonder if this guy has any pets, I guess he really showed the little kids in the area that animals are worthless. It’s sad to say that this acting police chief had no right what so ever to take this killing in his own hands.
To top it off he went on to say; We have by ordinance, ten days to hold a pet and see if the owner comes in to claim, and if not, after ten days, it can either be adopted out or euthanized.

I don’t know about you, but if I lived in that town I would start a petition and request that officer Stuart Stenberg not only be removed from his job, also find him as unworthy of being an officer of the law.

Read the article by Ashley Martin here.

So what’s your view on this heartless guy who did this cold blooded killing to our buddies?

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