Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Why’s This Dog Famous

Photo by P. Kevin Morley

This little dog name Roo who is a five month old Chihuahua is one of the dogs that’s sits and waits to be adopted at the Richmond Animal League Shelter and now with his picture on the front page of a newspaper called the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

So now the world knows who Roo is and there is a list of people trying to adopt him. The director of development Susan Kelly said; we had an incredible response, He's the most popular dog in Richmond right now.

Don’t get me wrong cause I own a Chihuahua too, but why dose it take the posting of a dog on the front cover of a paper for people to come out and help rescue these poor animals that have a life sentence hanging over their heads before the are put to sleep. These dogs are only looking to find a home due to some unfortunate reason that put them their in the first place. I wonder how many people that are unable to adopt little Roo will chose to adopt another dog that’s in the shelter, or are they just wanting the dog for pride only?

Kevin M. Kilgore the chief of Hanover County Animal Control and a board member of the National Animal Control Association said; It is a national crisis, when mortgages go belly up, people are having to turn in their pets. They're going into rentals and temporary housing situations that will not accept animals.
So come on and Help Save Our Buddies

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DogsDeserveFreedom said...

we see it at our shelter too. if we have troubles moving an animal, we get one of the papers in the area to come out and take a colour photo. usually the animal will be adopted the week they are published.



Dogman2 said...

So why don't all the animal shelters do this, if it works...