Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forget Bringing Me Toys, I want Dog Food

That’s just the way a little five year old named Alex Pletcher from Southampton Township, PA wanted it.
Little Alex didn’t want any toys for his birthday, this year he wanted dog food for the dog’s without mommies or daddies as Alex’s mom Rebecca said.

To read about a five year olds passion for our buddies is awesome and what a gift of love this child has given to help the dogs. I’ll bet the dogs over at the Better Days no-kill shelter were real happy too.

So a Big Thanks goes out to Alex….

Read the article by Dale Heberlig here.


Anonymous said...

What a great kid!

My own children handed over their cash to pay for the vet bills for a stray that we found, (she had been caught in a trap and her foot was severed). They of course wanted to keep her, so to see how serious they were about the commitment we told them they would have to contribute to her medical care.
But my children got a family pet out of the deal, this little guy gave without receiving anything in return, except the satisfaction in helping all of those dogs. A real little hero.

By the way what is happening in that picture that links to the petition?

Anonymous said...

Oh scratch that question. I clicked on the link in the petition and found out.

That practise is unbelievable and needs to be stopped.

Dogman2 said...

Sorry about the picture but it dose make a statement..... Kids are amazing when it comes to the love of an animal...

toys kids want said...
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