Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Great Dane Winner Is

Photo by Sun-Times

A little thirteen year old girl named Kayla Guerrero from Romeoville, IL has been chosen as the winner by the dog owner Diane Gilbert. Kayla who has had twenty nine heart surgeries due to being born with a congenital heart was given a puppy who she now calls Peyton.

When I read this article it just shows that a girl who has been though a lot for only being thirteen has now be given a new friend that she will have on her side to share her pain and joy. We all know that a dog will always cheer us up when times are bad and to think of the love that Diana has offered by this small token of giving.

Read the article by Monifa Thomas here.

A Sad note goes out for Gus, the worlds ugliest dog who had died from cancer…

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