Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Torture Camp For Animals Owner Gets Sentenced

After being charged with eighteen counts of aggravated animal cruelty and eighteen counts of animal torture the owner of the Muddy Paws animal shelter in Deer Park, MN Diane Eldrup has been sentenced.

The Lake County Circuit Judge James Booras said: It takes a certain mean spirit, a certain meanness of heart. She was running a concentration camp for dogs, taking those dogs in so that she could kill them.

The Assistant State's Attorney Suzanne Willett said: The defendant has been hiding and killing dogs far longer than the evidence of trial. ... She starved them to death. She prolonged their suffering, this was a torture camp for animals and she was a prison guard.

I don't understand how anybody who would run an animal shelter would do this to the dogs. This animal abuser is one sick person who didn't get enough time for what see did to these poor dogs.

Read the article by Beth Kramer here.

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