Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Break In, Abandon, Survival And Amazing Dog News

How could anybody break into an animal shelter and steal their money. Thats what the police and the Cookeville-Putnam Animal Shelter in Tenn. would like to know when someone took about three hundred dollars from their donation box last Friday night.

Read the article here.

Another sick person who left their two dogs to die when they moved out. It all happened in New Bedford, Mass when a pit bull was found that jumped out of the third floor trying to get some food to eat.

A tenant who lived in the building named Michael Acevedo said: When the dog fell out the window, we saw how skinny it was. It was horrible. It was horrible to see, it looked like it was starving for months. I don't even know how it's alive.

So now the poor dog has a broken hip from the fall and the owner of this dog is nowhere to be found. I only hope that the police find the animal abuser and makes them pay and hopefully the dog recovers from its injury.

Read the article by Katie Davis here.

Can the Oakville and Milton Humane Society animal shelter in Canada survive with this ringworm outbreak that has been going on since September Ninth. It looks like hard times are coming on figuring out where to put the two hundred animals that are quarantined after twenty two cats had become infected with the ringworm.

So if you can offer some help in the funding or even know where they could use a warehouse or something to help put the other dogs in to keep the shelter running they would be grateful.

Read the article by Laura Stone here.

For a little good news at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge national finals that was held in Gray Summit, Missouri has a new record when a dog named Vee Bee was able to jump thirty one feet and eight inches.

That sure was one long jump for this Belgian Malinois who is one happy dog.

Read the article here.

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