Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rescued Dogs, Amazing Dog and A Shelter In Need

The Rowan County had to get a warrant to save one hundred and eighteen dogs that were living in unacceptable conditions at a woman named Pat Blevins trailer. The Save The Animals of Rown have taken the poor dogs that were so bad they even had mold growing on them.

A volunteer from Save The Animals of Rown named Shannon Malone said: Horrifying, overwhelming - panic is going to set in soon of what are we going to do with all these dogs. At this point, we have a partnership with law enforcement. Our goal is to take care of the dogs. Their goal is to figure out what they have so now at this point the prosecutor needs to step in and he figures out what we got.

This is so sad even after this animal abuser was let off the hook back in two thousand and four for animal cruelty. Hopefully this time she will have to pay for all these poor dogs would live in misery. So now the shelter is going to need all the help they can get to adopt all these dogs.

Read the article here.

Amazingly a dog named Rocky from Shelton, Conn. was able to survive a deadly day of terror when a nut case named Kenneth Fox tried to kill his dog while killing his wife and himself. Who would have thought that after fifteen stab wounds this dog has survived with the help of Shelton Animal Hospital.

Dog survives 15 stab wounds:

The Shelton Animal Hospital Doctor named Danna Torre said: About six days ago he was taken in for a thoracotomy, and his chest was explored, and we found that the one chest wound was extremely deep through the body wall, through the ribs, and cut through a lung, and that lung lobe was removed, his chest cavity was sealed up, and he has done incredibly well. After everything he has been through, he has been so easy to work with, he is such a loving dog, he wags his tail all the time, and the public has given donations from all over Connecticut, people calling, trying to help.

I feel for this family on the tragedy they have gone though it is so heartbreaking to read, what had happened on the day.

Read the article by Bob Wilson here.

With a twenty five hundred dollar reward being posted by the Humane Society for the villain who abandoned two dogs in Rocky Mount, NC over the weekend.

Kim Alboum from the Humane Society said: We do see animals like this, but they're in hoarding conditions or puppy mills. But they could have just been with a family that couldn't have taken care of them too. The level of neglect this dog has experienced is absolutely horrific.

So now that Marley and Charlie are in good hands hopefully they will be adopted to a loving home.

Read the article by Kelli O’Hara here.

Will the Alameda Animal Shelter survive the ax with the cities shortfall budget this year. The group is worried that they will no longer be in business without an agreement and donations to help them survive.

So they are asking for your support by sending an e-mail @ telling them you support the shelter and don’t want to see them close.

Read the article here.


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