Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dog Abusers And Bad Dog Laws

An animal abuser named Pantelis Zervas from Paradise Twp., PA has been charged with ten counts of animal cruelty when officials found three dead German Shepherds and seven other ones who were ill looking due to starvation.

Read the article here.

Illinois is thinking of changing the laws to allow any town to ban any breed that it feels is vicious. So I guess that once a person gets bit by any type of dog it will become banned.

How do you just ban any type of dog because it’s not the breed that makes the dog bad it’s the way the owner has trained their dog.

Read the article by Tamara L. Morris here.

A dog abuser named Edwin Orabona has been charged with animal cruelty for beating and torturing a little beagle so bad that the poor dog will be having surgery to survive.

I hope this abuser gets the book thrown at him by the judge for what he did to this poor dog.

Read the article here.

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