Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Silence Of The Brutal Dog Killing In Bangladesh Has Come To An End

After many years of barbaric dog killing in the streets of Bangladesh the silence has finally come to an end when dog loving protestors march through the streets of Dhaka calling for an end.

Could you imagine seeing your dog or anybody’s dog having their neck broken in such a savage way to kill off the population?

Rubaiya Ahmad who is the head of Obhoyaronnyo Sanctuary said: We've come here with a message: please stop this brutal practice of dog culling, nowhere in the world are dogs treated so badly as in Bangladesh.

Read the article by Shafq Alam here.

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vanessa said...

I also heard this news about this brutal killing of dogs in bangladesh. And good to know from you that its already end. I don't know if i want to figure out how this dogs life became so miserable here. Because I love dogs so much and my dog is my bestfriend and i dont want him to be hurt.

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