Thursday, February 17, 2011

Massachusetts School of Law Honors Two For Helping Dogs

First you have a woman named Kim Hyder who got arrested for trying to save a dog that was being abused when she refused to turn over the dog to police.

And second you have a fire fighter named Tim Wareham who called for help to save a dog who had fallen into the cold water at the Plum Island Basin.

This is a real honor for these two that went out of their way to help our buddies in a time of need. When it comes to the love of dogs you need to go on your instances to help protect them no matter what.

How many times have I read about dogs being left out in the cold or heat with no water or food and the neighbor didn’t even call the local animal shelter to report the abusive owner. So next time you see something that just doesn’t seem right, make a call because you just might save that pets life.

Read the article by Victor Tine here.

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