Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sometimes Your Neighbors Don’t Like You Being A Dog Rescuer

Just ask a guy named Steve Minardo from Indianapolis who runs the Circle City Animal Rescue that rescues pit bulls. Apparently Steve’s neighbors didn’t like all the noise and smell from the one hundred and sixty five dogs that were at his home.

Now the town is making Steve get rid of over one hundred of his dogs by Wednesday before they take from Steve. We all know what will happen to these dogs if they are sent to the local shelter.

After reading some of the comments you can see how different people’s opinions are running with this article.

Posted by lars6682
Dear defenders of animal hoarding,

I look forward to meeting everyone in the coming week. Thank you for volunteering your time to help ACC as they make room for the ninety plus animals seized from a rescue. Just to prepare you for the activities, I have included a list of suits your personality.

1. Bathing, dematting of dogs that haven't received a bath.. Ever. For those sensitive to the smell of matted hair caked with feces and urine, please consider our other activity offerings. Oh, and many might be infested with fleas soprepare to have those tiny suckersjumping all overyou.
2. Each of the animals will be temperament tested (an educational experience). Due to the overwhelming number of animals our guy Steve acquired, its unlikely he was able to socialize each one. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but as all of you know, unsocialize puppies can result in behavior problems. Some signs are shaking due to fear, food aggressive traits if they are starvingor emaciated. Please be prepared to leave at the end of the day with puncture wounds.
3. If a dog passes his or her test they get to live In a big with lots of other dogs. And maybe, just maybe.. Someone will see their unique personality and heart full of love. Until then, the kennel will remain home.
4. For those that fail, the decision to euthanize is discussed. When an animal is deemed aggressive or not suitable for adopting, we consciously have to put the safety of the public. Assisting the faculty in this operation tbraining draining.. But I am sure you're strong enough.
5. Obviously there are dogs that have been at the shelter before these 90+ dogs were taken in so room will be a little tight. For those with excellent communication skills, your job will be to find rescues and/or foster homes for 100+ dogs.
This only stratches the surface of activities! Don't worry, with people like Steve around, the work never ends!
Good thing you'll be here tomorrow, the next day, the day after that..right??

Posted by IndyVoice2011
If you look up Circle City Animal Rescue & or Steven Minardo Jr on the IRS website you will find that he has been a registered non profit animal rescue.
I find it hard to believe that the Animal Control Administrator of Indianapolis has the authority to determine if this mans animal rescue is or isn't a rescue. I believe that should be left up to a court of law with a judge and lawyers.
How is it that this man has been in operation for this long in the city and Animal Control is just now getting to this?
I question if Animal Control or the Humane Society of Indianapolis has worked with this man in that past and it is now just becoming an issue due to neighborhood complaints, something neither agency can control.
It seems to me that if this operation is so horrible why just has it been addressed now? Could it be to save the face of both agencies who have worked with this man in the past?
Why now all of a sudden do they see him as a hoarder? If he is, should an operation this big have been something that they should have known about years ago? or even 1 year ago? and have taken steps to prevent this?
I see this as just another cover up of the corruption that is plaguing Indianapolis Animal Care & Control.
Why is it that something is good enough for them when they need it to be however the moment it looks like the finger will be pointed at them it turns into it being a citizens fault? I point out again, If this mans operation of animals was out of control and a huge issue why then did they not take action before?
Please, spare us the same lame excuse you have given us before on any issues ,"that it was the past administrations fault"
The public is tired of hearing that Mrs Kendrick.
It is a sad day that many animals will be put to death because of your "emergency need for space" when this could have been prevented had your agency taken steps to intervene at an earlier date.
Do not lie to the public, you knew this was happening long ago.

So what’s a guy to do when he is running a legit business trying to save the dogs that most people don’t like or abuse.

Read the article by John Tuohy here.


Anonymous said...

We did complain over and over again and they did nothing up until they made him close the shelter. If you really care about animals you should have seen the way they were living. Before you go posting comments about something you know nothing about you should have came and been a neighbor of this person and you might understand what really happened.

Dogman2 said...

Well anonymous..yes I did post two different comments. I only wish that your comment explained a bit more on what was going on with this rescue, I can only post about what the article had to say.... I'm always open for different opinions, and yes I am an animal lover and I do care about what went on there. I only wish I know if the dogs were all killed or not.