Tuesday, January 4, 2011

North Carolina Woman Is Recognized For Helping Rescue 1000 Animals

Thee local news has helped share all the work that a woman named Garland Graham has done to help rescue animals on her farm. Since two thousand and six Garland and Gary Graham have be fostering golden retrievers and now they are fostering all kinds of animals on their farm which is called Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network.

Their one thousandth rescue is a dog called Mickey on which they call an All American Mutt. Buy looking at this photo you have to wonder why anybody would have given up this dog which is now ready for adoption.

Photo from Red Dog Farm

Read the article by Leigh Brock here.

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Enzo said...

What a wonderfull story and also a inspirational human being. I saved just one dog, my precious Indy, but I hope to help more dogs.