Friday, January 7, 2011

So Who Dumped The Dogs With Nails In Their Heads

That’s what the police from Quebec Provincial police would like to know when a teenage girl named Elyane Mackenzie who on her way home with her friends found a mother dog with her puppies on the side of the road. Apparently the mother and two of the puppies had been shot in their heads with a nail gun.

How could anyone do something like this to their dogs, what a sick piece of _ _ _ _ of a so called person. Just dump off eight puppies and the mother after you shot them with a nail gun when all you had to do was to bring them to a shelter before all this happened.

The whole area of local people are now looking for the lowlife and I hope they find the person before the police.

Micheline Robitaille from an animal rights activist in Quebec City said: We can't, as a society, just let this go. Whoever did this is dangerous because they would attack the weak and defenceless; if they would do this to dogs, imagine what they would do to a child or an old person.

Read the article by Michelle Lalonde here.

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