Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pet Owners Who Have No Regards For Their Pets

A dog killer from Florida by the name of Joseph Grady Barker has been charged with animal cruelty for beating and stabbing his dog twenty six times.

This is one sick person to do something like that to his dog.

Read the article here.

Up in Granite Falls, Washington you have to wonder why a mother and her son haven’t been arrested and charged with animal cruelty for leaving their pets in a vacant home. When the police arrived they found fifteen dead cats and two dead dogs after a locksmith notified the police.

Granite Falls Police Chief Dennis Taylor said: Does the world indescribable mean anything to you, these were deplorable conditions, feces three inches deep over every surface of the house and six months of garbage everywhere. The animals were dead, laying down on a shelf or laying under furniture or in a box, some were skeletonized.

How sick can you be to just leave your pets and move out with no regards for them.

Read the article by Christine Willmsen here.

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