Saturday, February 28, 2009

Banning Of Pit Bulls Coming To A State Near You

The state of Oregon is pushing to ban all pit bulls in the state and have them euthanized along with fining the owner. I thought that you euthanize an animal when it’s suffering or incurably sick and now you have a state that wants to go around and just kill these dogs because of a few dogs that were untrained had attacked someone.

These states seem to just make up these laws instead of going after the dog’s owner. How about all the ones that are friendly and have been trained properly, we just kill them too. Over in New Mexico they were trying to pass some tough laws too. They wanted to label Pit Bulls and Rottweiler’s as dangerous animals, which failed.

New Mexico now wants the owners to take out insurance policies which is better than kill the poor dogs. But Oregon wants to kill your dog and fine you put you in jail. It gets even worse if your dog kill someone.

Read the article by Meghan Kalkstein here.

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